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The OHSAS Electronic Health & Safety Kit

This includes both parts of OHSAS 18000, an implementation guide and various other resources and materials to help you manage occupational health and safety.


OSHA Manual

OHSAS 18001 Guide

The OHSAS Electronic Toolkit

OHSAS 18000 actually forms part of the acclaimed Health and Safety Electronic Toolkit. This includes not only the text from OHSAS 18001/2, but a variety of support materials and information. This is an excellent next step.

It is supplied worldwide as an instant internet download, and contains:

  • OHSAS 18001/2 - The full text of OHSAS. Two Standards which assist in the implementation of an occupational health and safety certification system.
  • THE GUIDE - 'Guidance for Implementation of OHSAS 18000', a practical MS-Word based guide to the standards. It clearly explains how occupational health and safety management using OHSAS 18000 can be tackled and integrated, and includes graphical explanations, a checklist and plain English descriptions.
  • THE SAFETY MANUAL - A comprehensive and detailed MS-Word based manual (over 80 pages), inclusive of policies, procedures, and handling guides. An excellent aid to rapid implementation.
  • RISK ASSESSMENT - An excellent introduction to safety and risk assessment, again supplied in MS-Word format to enable direct editing if required.
  • OHSAS 18002 PRESENTATION - A full presentation, supplied in editable PowerPoint format, introducing and explaining the OHSAS 18002 standard.
  • AWARENESS - This is a substantial and detailed general health and safety presentation, designed to act as an awareness aid for staff and contractors. It is again provided in editable PowerPoint format to enable integration of any specific needs.
  • ASSESSMENT SURVEYS - This comprises a collection of safety assessment surveys, provided in MS-Word format, dedigned to help identify shortcomings and potential problem areas.

The OHSAS 18000 Occupationsal Health & Safety Toolkit, including all the above components, can now be purchased online for only: 395 USD (approx 189 UKP). It can be downloaded immediately to your PC or computer within seconds.

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